How to use this flipbook

This flipbook can be used as a guide to making a healthy bite to eat. The pages are divided into five different sections, each containing a variety of foods from the five food groups from the Eatwell Guide. By choosing a food item from each of the food groups, this flipbook can help guide you to mix and match different ingredients, to help you put together a well balanced and nutritious meal or snack.

  • start
  • Choose a starchy food
  • Consider adding a spread or dressing
  • Then choose a protein food or dairy filling
  • Finally add to the meal -
    2 or more servings of vegetables, salad or fruit

This flipbook also contains key healthy eating messages with information on how to prepare, put together and serve a variety of foods and dishes.

Use this flipbook:

  • With individuals and groups of children and /or adults to plan practical food based sessions or cooking groups.
  • To plan breakfast, packed lunches or to give different ideas around putting meals together.
  • To encourage new tastes, textures and increase the variety of healthy foods eaten.
  • To help plan, budget and shop for meals and snacks.
  • Alongside the Eatwell Guide – each section is coloured to match the food groups within the Eatwell Guide.

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For more information visit: Food Standards Scotland